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Founded in 1935 by A.F. Parmelee on the principle of better worker protection, U.S. Safety is among the world leaders in personal protective equipment.

U.S. Safety's unmatched reputation for customer value is based on our unique combination of personalized service with cost-effective, innovative solutions to workplace hazards.

We welcome you to the many Fortune 500 and small businesses alike that have chosen U.S. Safety as their partner for a safer workplace.

Did you miss our ISEA Eye and Face Protection presentation at NSC 2012? Click here for a copy of the presentation.

Bradley Goggles Small NEW Products. See the very latest that U.S. Safety has to offer. What you'll see is a result of the close relationship U.S. Safety has with its customers. We listen to what you need, stay ahead of the latest standards and regulations, and develop products that provide you with the best protection and value available anywhere. Learn more

Passport Rx is affordable prescription safety, made easy. Passport is a complete program with everything you need to protect your employees, including convenient service options, stylish frame choices and a price to fit your budget.

Experience safety, savings, service and simplicity by implementing a Passport Rx program today. Learn more

“Made in the USA…not something you hear much anymore. For three generations, U.S. Safety has supported American jobs with a range of products made in the “Heartland of the USA”, Kansas City.  Do your part to support U.S. job growth, and get the quality, protection and value you are looking for!   Learn more

SafetyToes™ Slipp-R™ steel-toe safety overshoes are an affordable toe protection solution for visitors, temporary workers, warehouse staff, office staff & salespeople. Slip-resistant, long-wearing and flexible at any temperature, SafetyToes™ are PVC-free and won't harm the environment. Meets OSHA requirements and ASTM standards.           Learn More 

Infrared radiation is a well-known hazard in steelmaking and glassblowing, but it exists in many other occupations as well. Exposure to infrared or "IR" without proper eye protection can cause permanent damage to your vision, including cataracts and retinal scarring.

U.S. Safety offers a range of products to protect workers from IR exposure. Learn more

Total System Protection™ (TSP) eye protection products are tested and proven to protect your vision where airborne dust and debris causes eye injuries. Choose from several designs for a variety of applications. 

TSP products are the new "go to" solution for safety managers across North America and around the globe in preventing eye injuries, even in the most harsh work environments. Learn more

The Low Profile System enhances worker safety by maximizing the wearer’s field of vision and range of motion. Exclusive U.S. Safety innovations in eye, face and respiratory products combine to provide unmatched comfort and protection.    Learn More

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